Thrive Church has a burden to reach it’s own state, county, and town first and foremost with the gospel, however, we are also proud to be partners with mission projects locally and globally. This page is designed to highlight current and recurring projects and partners of Thrive and how the outreach of the church is impacting the world.


One of the missions we have supported now in different ways for the past 18 months and will support in many ways in the future is Finding Hope Children’s Home in Bucharest, Romania. Finding Hope Ministries provides an orphanage for children who have been left alone on the streets of Romania and is directed by Dr. Nathan Merrill and his lovely wife, Anca. Dr. Merrill sacrificed a life as a medical doctor in America to go bring hope to the thousands of children in Romania who have no one to love them, care for them, or teach them about Jesus. A couple in our church recently visited the orphanage being worked on in Romania and we wanted to share the thoughts of Dr. Merrill with the church.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters at Thrive: 

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us:  ‘ I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth’.” – Acts 13:47.


Orphanage and Children


Finding Hope Children’s Home is now up and running! Thanks to God’s guidance and provision, we are providing a home to orphaned children. Currently, our home is at capacity. But, a volunteer group is scheduled to come in the spring to assist us in finishing the third floor, thus providing room for at least 5-10 more children.

We have been having a wonderful time with the children this winter. Whether it is going sledding, building snowmen, or visiting the mountains, we have made sure thechildren are having fun. For those that have spent most of their time growing up in an institution, it is truly something special to be able to do these things. We want to ensure these children have a normal childhood and that they know the love and joy of family.

Our upcoming projects for the orphanage include:

  • Finishing the third floor and adding more bedrooms.
  • Putting in a playground for the children.
  • Several mission teams: medical team, dental team, and VBS/evangelism teams.
  • Taking kids to camps and on vacation in the summer months.

Our Gypsy Ministry Continues as we…

  • Install woodstoves for heating/cooking and bring firewood for them.
  • Donate winter clothes.
  • Supply them with food.
  • Engage in social work.
  • Provide spiritual mentoring.
  • Perform medical work and bring medical supplies/medicine.
  • Get the community more involved in the local church.

Thank you

As always, we are grateful to you all. God truly blesses us daily. Our mission cannot exist without God’s blessing and the partnerships with the churches back home, i.e. you all! So, thank you all so much for being such a big part of our ministry. We pray one of these days some more of you all will come visit us here on the field, as Ray and Karen did. It would be a huge blessing for us. Praying also we will be able to return to the US and visit you all again.


Finding Hope Ministry and the Merrills