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Tough Choices

Have you ever had to make a tough decision? Decisions that require faith like…

A job change?
Starting a church?
Giving sacrificially where only God could make it work?
Sometimes we are tasked with very important, life-altering decisions and I wanted to give my thoughts on this matter so we can make right decisions through the lens of Scripture.

In Genesis 22:1-14, Abraham was tasked with the most difficult decision and through this story, it brings up some great thoughts to remember when you have a hard decision to make,

1. Faith and fear will walk together.

While Abraham had faith like no other, we know that in a physical sense, he had to be fearful of taking his sons life (this same Abraham was scared to admit Sarah was his wife for fear of his own life in Genesis 20). But his fear of God was greater than his fear of man. If you will ever make a tough faith decision, don’t think you won’t still have doubts, questions and fear…you just have to know that God has commanded your move.

2. The right thing may look like the wrong thing.

Abraham didn’t tell Sarah, Isaac or his servants his plans. Why? Because they would have considered him stupid and a sociopath. In other words, sometimes giant moves of faith will have to be your move and your move only because in a normal state without faith, the right move will seem like a wrong one. It’s not easy to look at people without your passion, faith and vision and get them to understand why the wrong move is right. Don’t spend your time explaining your faith…spend your time living it out.

3. God has prepared the end before the end.

Steven Furtick once said that the opposite of faith is not fear, it is certainty. We don’t really know the outcome but we have to believe that what God has commanded, he has already completed. The end game to your faith may be out of sight at the moment…but keep building your altar, stay willing to cut anything out of your life that God commands and trust God that his purpose and plan is all in his hand and is under control.

What is the toughest decision you have ever had to make? Have you ever exercised extreme faith?

Let us know here and we will rejoice in your story with you.

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