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Social media has become a force in the culture we live in and can be used to promote so many good ideals and enhance relationships. However, just recently on social media, yet another disturbing viral trend has spread quickly that is very slippery territory that I think, as Christians, we should be the exception and not average.

The issue I’m raising is where pictures of people, who do not fit the world’s certain standard of beauty, have become meme’s by deriding their appearance. They will include vulgar, disgusting themes¬†such as “Tag a friend who would date her” or “I’m looking for [insert masculine name], he got me pregnant” and many other items that at the core, are nothing more than societal pressures on standards of beauty. Here’s the honest truth…I want you to “tag a friend” with THIS article because I’m fixing to drop some STRAIGHT TRUTH!

The physical appearance of someone on this earth is not for us to ridicule, laugh at, disparage or malign. One particular photo that some might see as ¬†“grotesque or unsightly” is actually of a woman who suffers from a certain disease and has no control whatsoever of her physical appearance…yet we post and laugh like many others totally missing what God has clearly said in Ephesians 2:10, 1 Samuel 16:7 and Psalms 139:14. We are not to take solace in the fact that we might fit a better definition of standard beauty because this is vain and can be fleeting…we take solace in the fact we are born into the family of God as Christians.

Where is our compassion? Our heart? Our moral decency? Shouldn’t we be the light to others by modeling what Jesus would live like if he were physically on the earth at this time? God has called us to be separate and to beware of foolish jesting (Ephesians 5:4) and talk that brings low the cause of Christ and drives the name of Jesus to no effect through our lives.

I want to end with 2 things everyone should know:

  1. I want to implore anyone, Christian or not, to please stay away from publicly maligning the appearance or status of others as we are to be a light, not someone who introduces darkness into someone’s life!
  2. I want every man, woman or child to know that your outer shell, your physical appearance has been ordained by God. Don’t live your life feeling you have to match up to a societal definition of “Hot or Not” and spend waking hours so concerned with how others view you that you start to view yourself by the wrong standard! You are loved, blessed, a highly favored child of The King and he has created a Masterpiece (His workmanship) continue to be you and ignore what others say you have to be!


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