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   I am not going to pretend to have all the answers to these tragedies nor do I want to cast doubt or assumptions on the situations as I am sure legal processes need to play out as to the reasons or the “why”, but I will speak to this…

Enough is enough! My heart breaks for two families who no longer have their loved ones with them today and the answers are far outnumbered by the questions.

We live in a society of sin, racism, crime, misconduct, abuse and it is in times like these, the Gospel becomes paramount. The Gospel looks past the sin, the crime, the color, the backstory…and opens wide its arms and says “You are loved and I am loved because He first loved me.”

To the church, let’s not put our heads in the sand and act like there aren’t problems in our towns, our cities, our communities and our states. New laws may help and new initiatives may inspire hope but loving each other as Christ loved us is the ONLY thing that inspires real change.

To my law enforcement friends, don’t turn a blind eye and defend anything that is indefensible. If it’s good, call it good. If it’s evil, call it evil. The VAST majority of cops of all races keep us safe ever day and it is a shame that entire forces and unions seemingly get defined by these snapshots in time.

To my African American friends, I love you and weep with you during this time. I do not know men’s motives or their hearts but I break inside listening to stories of systemic racism still going on in our culture towards you. Injustice to anyone should be an injustice to everyone…may we never forget and rise above, together.


A Broken Pastor,

Paul Kidd

#PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling

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