Mission Statement: We exist to reach people far from God and teach them to thrive in Christ and community.

What is the vision of Thrive Church?

We exist to reach people far from God. Our core message is to Love God, Uplift Others, Change Your World and Keep Going. At Thrive, we believe the Gospel is the most powerful, life-changing message anyone could ever hear and we are committed to taking the Gospel to the world by starting in our community.

What is the history of Thrive Church?

Thrive started meeting in November of 2011 with a core group of 18 people who wanted to see the Gospel make a difference in their local community. Under the leadership of Paul and Lindsey Kidd, the first formal service was on January 15, 2012.

To what denomination does Thrive Church belong?

Thrive is an independent congregation. We are not part of a denomination that controls who we are or how we minister. Our church is led by the Spirit, the pastor and a leadership board of accountability within the local church.

What should I expect on Sundays?

Our Sunday services are inspiring, challenging and uplifting. We mix high energy songs with thoughtful, meditative worship to create an amazing environment. You will hear contemporary music in a casual worship environment as well as an applicable bible message that is relevant to everyday life that lasts in total around 75 minutes. During service, we offer children’s programs for any child from birth to 6 yrs old in our KidZone experience. There are several experiences based on age that your children can enjoy while learning about Jesus and the Gospel.

What do you offer outside of Sunday church?

We have multiple opportunities for different groups. From home groups for singles or married couples that meet at different times and days to special teen nights, we believe there is something available for you to get involved. We believe that becoming an active, involved participant in a church community is one of the next steps to growing closer to God. Check out our website for specific details and times.

How does Thrive reach into the community?

We believe that being the hands and feet of God means we take the love of God beyond our walls. We team up with local resource centers to help supply when their is a need. We also run a small food bank from our church that reaches out to those in need when the opportunity arises. For complete details of partnerships or opportunities, check out our website.

How do I become a member of Thrive Church?

Thrive Church does not have membership. We believe that membership is commitment to the church by faithful attendance, giving toward the vision and serving others through the church.

How does Thrive Church handle finances?

If you are a visitor, you will not feel pressured nor are you expected to give to this local church unless you choose to do so. We do believe that with the blessings God has provided us, one of our next steps is to become a faithful giver to the greatest change agent God established on earth..the church. Each service has a specific time where giving is mentioned and everyone will have the opportunity to participate. We also have an opportunity to give on our church website. We are an independent church that is not supported by any outside organization or church. Thrive Church has an accountability board and stewardship committee of 8 people (includes the Pastor, Treasurer, Business leaders, etc…) who oversee the expenditures and financial decisions of the church.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Office – (828) 391-1857

E-Mail – thrivechurchnc@gmail.com